Prisoner of Yakutsk

Book- Prisoner of Yakutsk

Author- Shreyas Bhave

Pages- 326

Subash Chandra Bose, the name still manages to gush in a feeling of patriotism into the soul. But the alleged reason for his death is still unacceptable and is surrounded by the air of mystery. His life story is filled with struggles to achieve independence for his country, but his death story is filled with various theories and none of them with a definite conclusion or for a matter of fact, a conclusive proof which would be acceptable by his family members and his admirers.

The Author has definitely done his research and it is evident from the grip he has on the facts, successfully blending it with his imagination and ultimately giving life to an utterly thrilling historical fiction. The facts and theories mentioned in the beginning and the newspaper cuttings every now and then makes it more attractive and corroborates the line of his fictional plot. Hats off to the precision and mastery with which the story has been built and the biggest advantage being the undilution of the original facts. The language used and the narration was beautiful and the thrill remains constant.

The story line is clear from the plot and talking more about it would just giveaway the entire story, so go grab your copy now !

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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