Book- Divyastra

Author- Nimish Tanna

Publisher- Become Shakespeare.com

Pages- 233

“After all, even I carry my father’s blood or should I say Ravana’s lineage! Begin the chants of Brahmastra.’

The story begins with a hall full of students, professors, delegates, scientists, senior military and other influential people all eager to witness Dr.Vyas, a Nobel laureate in Physics’ lecture on ‘The Future Of Weaponry’, and soon jumps off to another story of a young man named Shankar who while trying to take control of his mediocre and not-so-happening life gets a call to visit his hometown where his father was breathing his last. Things start getting wild when Shankar’s grandfather starts narrating Indrajit’s story, a story about the Trinity’s Divyastras. The stories of Dr.Vyas, Shankar and Indrajit ultimately merge together and forms a tale so unfathomable and intriguing that you wont be ableto put down the book until you reach the end. This book is absolutely thrilling and so smoothly blends mythology, making it all quite realistic.

What I really enjoyed was how the mystery unfolded and Dr. Vyas’ lecture. I did not like Shankar’s character at all. I felt he was too high headed to acknowledge what and how much his parents did for him. When Shankar’s grandfather starts telling him Indrajit’s story, certain part seemed quite unnecessary and didn’t relate to the story as whole.

The writing style and narration was good but takes some time to pick up the pace with three stories running on their own. After a considerable amount of time the names of the characters kind of made it a little predictable as to where the story might lead. A little proofreading is needed. The characters were well formed. I really liked the plot and it was indeed a good read for me.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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