The Paintbrush

*This book is going to make you bawl like a baby. Carry a box of tissues while reading this because I was legit bummed.*

Book- The Paintbrush
Author- Krishnasish Jana

“What is the exact measure of sorrow that can actually break an artist?”

The Paintbrush is the story of Raman’s life. Raman, a little boy from the slum of Bhalar who loved spending his time by the river, enjoying sunset, playing with his friends and coming back home to his mother’s arms. But his life changed overnight when one day he came home to find his mother murdered by his father.
Life kept knocking him over but every time he found something to hold on to. He never ran out of strength and hope and love and colours and paintbrushes.
Growing up in a slum, facing disasters, betrayal, the death of three people who he loved the most, the painter in him kept growing.
He was a gifted painter, a brilliant one. He fought, fought hard to rise to the stage which he deserved. And then one day the search for his ‘masterpiece’ began !

Life can be so cruel, even to the innocents. Reading about Raman pained me. It’s like I have the book in my hands, I have things happening infront of me, but I couldn’t do anything. That’s how real the narration felt !
The beauty of relationship between a mother and a son, a husband and a wife, a father and a daughter has been amazingly depicted and the essence of these relationships were beautifully penned. The characters felt so existent and the connection with those characters made the book even more wonderful.

Everything about The Paintbrush is exceptional !

Kudos to Krishnashish Jana for writing a ‘masterpiece’.


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