Victims For Sale



Book- Victims For Sale
Author- Nish Amarnath
Publishers- Harper Collins India
Pages- 324

A 19 year old Journalist from India is now living in London as a paying guest with the Sawants. The Sawants seem normal but are a way opposite than that. Before Sandhya can realize this she’s already in a crap load of mess. But are the Sawants the only ones who are mysterious or everything and everyone around Sandhya is dual faced ?
Sandhya leaps into a life threatening fiasco the moment she runs a sting operation on a care home.

The Author is absolutely brilliant ! This book has been written so intricately that once you start reading it you’ll feel the air of mystery and something sinister going on around you. This book is gonna send chills down your spine the entire time and that feeling is gonna last for quite a long time (P.S.- I still have this book running in my mind.). The characters were so amusing with their flaws and the touch of realism that you could so nicely connect with them. I loved Ritchie 😍 😍 😍 The plot, oh sweet mother of all that is good and pure ! How perfect was that ! With unfathomable twists and mind numbingly genius mysteries, the Author’s narration will leave you hallucinated ! The pace of the story was such that it will drag you into the scenes and carry you with it.

I’m so satisfied with this book that it has quenched my thirst to read a great book and at the same time has left me craving for more !


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