Done With Her ~ A Revelation That Stabs At Your Subconscious

Book- Done With Her ~ A Revelation That Stabs At Your Subconscious
Author- Chirasree Bose
Publishers- Evincepub Publishing
Pages- 86

Love. Lust. Obsession. Murder. Revenge.
Avesh Mathur is shaken to his core when he sees Spreeha at his office. Because even though she’s beautiful, she has a striking resemblance with Chanda. Chanda, the past that he buried years ago, the past which he shares with his friends Dheeraj and Vrijen.
Later, he is convinced that Spreeha is not Chanda and that Vrijen has already done a background check on her. Unbelievably smitten by Spreeha, Avesh calls upon his death. But how ? And why ?

The Author has done a really great job at keeping up the mystery and thrill in the book till the very last page. The writing style and narration are both good. The characters could have been developed better but aren’t bad either.
There were few places where it was a bit confusing but reading further cleared the confusion.
What I wanted more from the book was a little more focus on the honour killing part, which is just hinted at. And what I didn’t like about the book is, she had the evidence, she was alive, yet instead of going to the Police, seeking help from Law she decided to conspire with one of her assaulters and murder all three of them. Is killing someone and getting away with it so easy ? I totally support women fighting for them, but this way, by taking revenge, it’ll be like ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.’

Nonetheless, it was a easy, good and thrilling read.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟

Thank you The Book Genie for the review copy.


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