Sand Castles


Book- Sand Castles
Author- Sana Rose
Publisher- Turquoise Publication
Pages- 340

“We’re never too young to think about anything. But sometimes we are too young to understand some things. And sometimes too old to understand some other things.”

A tale of three girls who turned into a family, started when they entered the Goa Medical College in 1997. Leno, Trisha and Ria lived and loved in the beautiful state of Goa.


No matter how unfair or lost life may seem sometimes, it’ll eventually all make sense. What’s meant to be, will be yours one day.

Sana Rose has done a commendable job at weaving a tale so moving and real. Every page in this book is filled with emotions, with the essence of life. Promises. Truths and Lies. Family. Friendship. Relationships. Motherhood. To forget and to forgive. To second chances. To letting go of all the things that won’t do any good. Death. And to life. To live it, and to accept it knowing there’s the Almighty who has everything planned for you.

I immensely loved Sand Castles. Sana Rose has narrated so well that you’ll stay connected to each incident and each character. You’ll get to know the characters, to see how they grow up from being carefree teenagers to adults who can sacrifice their life for the ones they love.
The plot is flawless and as unpredictable as life itself.
The women in this book are so strong, so dedicated to the people they love. The emotions are pure and real. .

Apart from everything related to the plot, the book has beautiful poems ❤️

Absolutely recommend.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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