Book- Fluid
Author- Ashish Jaiswal
Publisher- Wisdom Tree

Fluid by Ashish Jaiswal is probably the best non-fiction I’ve ever read. I immensely enjoyed it. The topics covered by the Author in the book are top notch.
Ever since I could remember, School, Colleges and Education meant getting the highest scores if you wanna build a good career and end up in a good job. Understand what you read or just mug up, but you gotta score more. It’s very rare to hear that do what you love, read whatever you want to, pursue what you’re passionate about.
But the stories put forward by the Author will make you see how the great things in the world were out of the box. How great people did what they were passionate about.
The stories were fascinating. All of them.
Ashish Jaiswal’s research is so distinctly visible in the book. Fluid is absolutely amazing ! At first I was quite skeptical thinking here goes another book of do’s and dont’s, the same do this, follow that, you’ll be at peace and blah ! But this was really different. The writing style, narrating a non-fiction, the informations, oh I loved everything !

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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