The Cave: Secrets Within.


Book- The Cave: Secrets Within
Author- Prieksha Jain
Pages- 102

‘Some dreams never let you sleep. And some dreams you dread sleeping back to. And there are some dreams which turn your life into a different and a better direction.’

This story revolves around two women- Shraddha and Prachi. They’re connected with the bond of friendship and love. Apart from this, a weird thing binds them together, they both get the exact same dream, which is more of a vision, vision of the future, which drives Shraddha crazy.
Why do they get these dreams ?
Who is going to help them ?
Are they going to solve the mystery they’ee getting vision of ?

The blurb of this book was very intriguing.
But the narration failed the interest. The story could have been presented in a better way since the plot had the potential of a good book. The pace was uneven and the narration was a great turn off. It started off good, with the scene where Shraddha’s parents passed away in an accident and she had the vision of this incident earlier and couldn’t do anything to stop it. When the story proceeds, it all becomes clumsy. The characters were okay. So, it was overall an okayish read.

Thank you The Book Genie for the review copy.


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