Thank God I’m Fired: A Corporate Enigma

Book- Thank God I’m Fired: A Corporate Enigma

Author- Sandeep Pawar

Pages- 43

In today’s world, where to get anything done you need money and for money you need a job, how are you going to react if you are fired without any prior notice and without any fault of yours ? Devastated, right ?

But that’s not the case with our protagonist. He was very dissatisfied with his job. No fun, no improvement and just a monotonous life. With no idea about what’s his passion and what he would love to do, he was scared to leave this job. He tried to resign again and again, but couldn’t muster up any courage. Well, we can’t blame him. No money once he leaves his job, no future plans. Anybody would be scared.

But as lady luck smiled at him, the day he finally made up his mind to resign, he was fired. Just a minute before he sent the resignation letter. His happiness knew no bounds. And added to this, he got a compensation in the form of two months salary. Score !

The story depicts real life crisis. And not everyone is as lucky as our protagonist. As simple as it might seem, job and career being an important part of life which plays great role in triggering satisfaction and ultimately happiness, is burdensome for a lot of people. People who work because it’s necessary and they won’t be able to survive without a job. Dealing with stress and unhappiness to fill the stomach of their family and have a roof over their heads.

The language was simple and it was a good read. The humour parts were good. The narration could have been better since it was kind of boring at few places and was hard to keep going. The characters were good. And the ending was definitely satisfying.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟/5


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