Elt-Duk And The Company Of Gold Hunters


Book- Elt-Duk And The Company Of Gold Hunters
Author- Yash Sharma
Publisher- Invincible Publishers
Pages- 140

Tigun, Misarel, and O’blame decide to embark upon the biggest hunt of their age in Elt-duk (a mystical mountain) with Tigun’s son Asto. They start out bigger and stronger than ever before, but a chance encounter with a mysterious man on their journey reveals to them that something horrible is underway at Elt-duk. An unknown terror is spread all over the Earth, and all of humanity is unaware of it. Evil is growing, angels are falling, men are confused and scattered, decisions are tough to make and makes men cry, but the angels say, Let men try. With the agreement for the hunt survive? They only wished to hunt for gold, but this turn of events has brought them face to face with the biggest enemy himself, evil incarnate. How will they cope? Will help come in time? Elt-Duk wants its ruler and the evil is ready for It.
This book reminded me of a little lower version of The Hobbit Series with certain resemblance with all the mystical creatures, the mountain being the past glory waiting for it’s Emperor. (I’m not comparing the movie with this book, but there was some resemblance.)
So, the plot here is obviously fascinating, with gripping narration. The language was easy but I highly recommend proof reading.
The characters lacked depth, it was even difficult to connect with the main characters. The book was interesting even with this flaw, so I can imagine how great the book would have turned out if the characters would have been properly developed.
The sequence of events were thrilling with all the journey and adventure and the secrets being revealed.
The book ends in a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to read the next part.

Writing a fantasy, building a whole other world and executing it properly so that readers get what’s in the Author’s mind is a great task. And congratulations Yash Sharma for accomplishing such a great task.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5


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