Once Upon A Reunion

Book- Once Upon A Reunion
Author- Nithya Sashi
Pages- 150

Nirmala, a 42 year old working and married woman was happy in her life with her husband Sreenivas, but still couldn’t get over her ex-lover from college, Suresh, who broke up with her 20 years back.
Her obsession about Suresh knew no bounds when she discovered that her classmates were planning a reunion and she’ll get a chance to meet him.
But what havoc is this reunion going to cause ?

✍️ The writing style and narration was amazing. It was flawless and gripping. But sadly that is the only good thing about the book.

✍️ What exactly was the plot ? 80% of the book revolved around Nirmala, her past and present, her pyschotic husband, her obsession about her ex-lover and her crazy best friend. In the next 20% it’s about the reunion, Suresh’s death and it’s interrogation. So, what exactly was the plot ?

✍️ The characters were all 42 years old but were behaving like a bunch of immature teenagers. The character development could have been better.

✍️ There were some parts which were utterly illogical. For instance, how on Earth do you copy a person’s sim card and WhatsApp and use it while the original owner is still using it. And then there was the interrogation by police and the motive behind the murder was so unreasonable.

✍️ The ending was kind of clumsy and the pace was rushed from the scene of reunion. The rest of the book was well paced.

This could have been a really good book since the Author’s narration is really good, but everything else ruined it.

Rating- 🌟🌟/5

Thank you @arl_literary_services for the review copy.


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