Tarikshir – The Awakening

Book- Tarikshir- The Awakening
Author- Khayal Patel
Publisher- Westland Books
Pages- 332
Thank you @thebookgenie and @khayalpatel for the review copy.

Tarikshir by Khayal Patel is an amazing fictional blend of history and mythology.

Set in the approaching era of British India, the story has it’s link to the epic story of Ramayana. The author has skillfully and flawlessly entwined his imagination to mythology and history to give his readers an ‘awe-worthy’ thriller !

For Rudra, the young Prince of Devangarh, life changes overnight. The responsibility of handling state affairs, saving his kingdom from the wrath of East India Company and to find the person behind the mysterious murders in his kingdom falls upon his shoulder.

Digging further into the matters he stumbles upon dark secrets and mystical happenings witnessed by his grandfather. In his diary, Rudra’s grandfather warns about the rise of a vile creature, Tarikshir, who would destroy everything and if not stopped would bring the end to this world. And Rudra is the one destined to stop Tarikshir and save the world.

✍️ The plot is unique and amazing, perfectly blending history and mythology on a fictional base.

✍️ The Author has done a great job at the narration part too.

✍️ The characters of the protagonist, Prince Rudra is very well formed, but few other supporting characters could have been defined better.

✍️ The story has a good pace, but certain parts, I felt, were really slow and unnecessarily dragged.

✍️ The ending was great. Albeit there’s a sequel to this book, this book has a complete ending and isn’t left in a cliffhanger.

✍️ The chapters are perfectly linked to each other and the language is simple with elements of mystery and thriller.

Overall, Tarikshir is definitely a good read.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

I received a copy of this book through the Book Genie Review Program in exchange of an honest review.


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