One Part Woman


Book: One Part Woman

Pages: 256

Author: Perumal Murugan

They scanned their family history of curses- was it his great grandfather who lied in front of the God just for a sack of seeds or was it the ancestor who gang raped and murdered a defenceless tribal girl.

The story of a barren couple Kali and Poonaya caused it’s author Perumal Murugan to commit literarysuicide.
It’s rightly said, every ordinary is extraordinary in itself.

Kali and Poonaya’s story which draws the picture of a couple too much in love, will also show you their plight because of childlessness. Taunted to be impotent and barren, this couple tried everything to get a baby.

While Kali and Poonaya were content with their life, working, earning, loving and living, ‘society’ couldn’t stay calm. They taunted them every time. They questioned Kali’s virility to the extent where he stopped hanging out with his group. They threw such harsh words at Poonaya that she stopped attending functions.

And ‘they’ here refers to the epitome of perfection, righteousness and justice oriented ‘society’, which gets pleasure making people’s life hell to the point where ‘they’ with their ‘good will’ push people to be destroyed.

As always this time also ‘society’ succeeded in giving wings to ‘their good will’ .

Kali and Poonaya became desperate to conceive, more than becoming parents they wanted to live a life where they are not discriminated, where the society can accept them and treat them like humans.

What was the level of their desperation ?

How far they can go to conceive a child ?

How the pressure and desire to be parents just to be accepted by society can ruin their lives ?

What happens when somebody lies ?

This story’s ending is gonna leave you in a cliffhanger, unsettled and uncomfortable. You would find it hard enough to believe to even cry.

The impending doom would fall upon you even before you can fathom it !

✍️Amazing plot.

✍️Totally unpredictable ending.

✍️Characters and every scene is so nicely built.

✍️Very well written.

✍️Writing style is very engaging.

Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

P.S.- When you’re done with this book and desperate to know what’s gonna happen next, then you should know there’s two sequels to this book. With the same beginning but different endings.

One Amazing Story. Two Different Endings.

📘Trial By Silence

📘A Lonely Harvest

Both the books pick up right where it ended in One Part Woman. I’m not giving the blurb of these two books because it’ll ruin the element of mystery in One Part Woman.

Of the two sequels you can choose depending on how much emotional abuse you gonna inflict on yourself. And as for me, I’m not gonna read the sequel. This much emotional torture is enough for me.

Thank you ❤️


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